“When I Discovered How To Communicate Persuasively With My Prospects, That's When The Sales Ramped Up And My Advertising Finally Became Profitable "
Listen up... This one skill affects everything you do 
online and is the most significant marketing skill 
you will ever acquire...
      Dear Entrepreneur,

      If you want to generate hundreds of thousands of extra dollars using a sales letter that sells like crazy… 

      Here's some exciting news…

      It's now possible for you to walk away with a high converting sales letter... 

      Even if you're not a copywriting expert... 

      Even if you suk at spelling...

      Even if you've never successfully sold anything in your life...

      ...in just ONE day.

      No longer do you have to walk alone in the dark when it comes to your sales letter creation process. 

      This technique works even if you have zero confidence in your sales ability... or any real clue what you’re doing when it comes to selling your products and services online.

      It's very easy to understand... 

      You can implement it in your business today...

      It makes it easy to find buyers for your great ideas... 

      And it makes it easy to fill your pockets with more money than most people dream about making.

      Even more exciting... what you’re about to discover could help... 

Reverse That Yucky Feeling Of 
Coming Over As Too Salesy... 
While Still Increasing Conversions!
      Imagine a future where you can afford to invest more money to get leads... 

      Because your new sales letter converts more of your leads into happy buyers who keep buying... again and again.

      No more desperately checking your sales page analytics and wondering why on earth - out of all those visitors - practically none of them are actually buying your stuff.

      And no more feeling ashamed and humiliated... from having to make more excuses about why you’re not yet making the income you expected to be making by now.
Fortunes Are To Be Found By 
Assembling Masterful Sales Letters!
      When you finally have a sales letter that converts, you can stop feeling stressed out from a lack of sales... 

      And you can stop feeling like you’ve wasted weeks or even months of your time and effort (and money) creating your product, only for nobody to end up buying it.

      Instead, the extra money a high converting sales letter makes could leave you feeling energised to work on your business... 

      And you can feel proud sharing the success stories of all the clients you are helping.

      You can live a life of time abundance and financial freedom... the things that attracted you to online marketing in the first place. 

      If you still work in a job you hate, having a sales letter that sells makes it possible for you to walk into your boss’ office and tell him (or her) to “ram it” as you walk out of there for the last time... with your head held high.

      Most importantly, a sales letter that converts allows you to become your own boss... 

      Working to your own timetable... 

      Choosing what YOU want to do, when YOU want to do it, without needing to ask permission, ever again.

      You can design your life in a way that allows you to pursue your interests and hobbies... 

      While also having more free time to spend with the people you love, rather than being stuck in a job you'd like to see the back of.

      And the good news is...
Even If You Flunked High School... 
You Can Still Create A High-Converting, 
Money-Pulling Sales Letter!
      The truth is… writing world-class sales copy is NOT easy.

      However, your sales copy doesn’t need to be world-class in order to convert a life-changing amount of your leads into paying customers.

      And you don’t have be a world-class writer to become rich selling your products and services online.

      The reality is that there are systems out there that allow you to quickly and easily ASSEMBLE the necessary components of a persuasive sales message that causes people to line up and give you their money. 

      And when you combine a proven system of customer research, coupled with a sales letter framework that has all the hidden sales-psychology aspects built into it... 
It’s Possible For Anyone… Including You... To Fill Your Pockets With Obscene Amounts Of Money Using Your Own Sales Letter!

Yep... That's me monkeying around in Barcelona without sun tan lotion... dangerous for a Scot!
      You’ll discover the secret combination of elements that need to be present in your sales letter if you expect to make big money selling online.

      And you’ll discover how this unique combination of secret elements have been responsible for billions of dollars in sales for the select few people who know how to use them together.

      I’ll explain more in just a minute.

      But first, allow me to introduce myself.

      My name is Alan Clark. I’m a direct response copywriter and funnel conversion dude from Scotland... who loves to travel.
      Yes, I have a funny accent... I love single malt whisky... and my bald head is prone to sunburn, as you can see.

      I’m excited and passionate about helping you use words and sales psychology to change your life… because it completely changed mine.

      I learned real salesmanship cold calling people who had cancelled their cable subscriptions before selling cars face-to-face for Honda when I was a young man...

      And I learned how to transfer that salesmanship into print... working in a copy shop alongside battle-hardened direct-response copywriters who know how to shift a ton of units.

      I’ve since devoted my career to helping people break free from the rat race by helping them turn words into money.

      And I want to help people like you to enjoy a similar life of abundant freedom like I enjoy… something that powerful sales copy can deliver.
Let Me Tell You The Story...
      Quite a few years ago, I was in the same position as most people… I was convinced I could make money online, however my main source of income was my day job, supplemented by my Ebay "used car parts" business. 

      I was “playing” at being an online marketer and business owner, because I was too comfortable with my salary.

      Over the years I tried all manner of different online models... all self taught... with varying degrees of success... but none of them satisfied me...

      Building Wordpress sites for local businesses...


      Niche websites...

      Black-hat SEO...

      Website flipping...

      Twitter bots...

      Free traffic plugins...

      Amazon affiliate sites... blah blah blah

      If only I'd invested all the time and effort wasted on that crap into applying the fundamentals of a REAL online business sooner.

      Essentially... I was stuck in an opportunity mindset... which is where broke people waste all their time and never achieve anything of substance.

      Often I'd have 5 or 6 half-assed projects on the go at a time... always looking for a hack or a loophole to exploit... which, of course, never leads to a making a sustainable income. 

      I tried practically everything apart from the real money-making tasks and principles that every successful business owner has to eventually get right.

      Then everything changed.

      One day, I met an amazing woman… who just happened to be from Bulgaria… and Bulgaria is around 1500 miles away from Scotland.
      There was a spark there… 

      Something that couldn’t be ignored…

      So over the next year... despite the distance... we travelled back and forth to see each other many times... we travelled around Europe together... and things became serious.

      Tanya runs a successful brick and mortar business in the Bulgarian capital city, Sofia, where she sells luxury holidays. (Lucky ME!)

      So for us to be together… it meant I would need to move from Scotland to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

      I had to find a way to earn a living from my laptop because there’s no way I could get a job in Bulgaria without learning the language first… and it’s one of the hardest languages to master.

      “Това е българско. дори азбуката е съвсем различна.”

      (Translation: "This is Bulgarian. Even the alphabet is completely different.")

      It was clear it would take a while to gain even just a basic understanding of this crazy language.

      My only solution was to finally make online marketing pay.
      This drove me to do whatever it took to finally become successful online.

      And the skill that finally made it possible for me to help generate around three million dollars in sales for my clients (and allowed me to make my move overseas) was learning how to write persuasive copy and create sales letters that convert.

      I became a man on a mission and began studying all the old and new masters of direct response marketing and copywriting.

      I became obsessed with Gary Halbert... Eugene Schwartz... Claude Hopkins... Gary Bencivenga... John Caples... Robert collier... Clayton Makepiece... David Deutsch... Mark Ford... John Carlton... Dan Kennedy... Bill Glazer... Jay Abraham... Bob Bly... Joe Sugarman... Ken McCarthy... Perry Belcher...Ben Settle... Jim Rutz and more that slip my mind right now.

      I wrote out the greatest sales letters by hand...

      Read every book I could get my hands on...

      I became a mad man... I locked myself away for days and weeks at a time (when I wasn't slaving at my JOB trying to save up enough money to move.)

      I became so single minded about mastering the art of copywriting that my friends worried about me and when I did see them... they teased me about being stuck in my bubble.

      But it was worth it...

      After all of that effort I finally stumbled my way into a job working for one of the largest Forex information publishers in the world... as a direct response copywriter...

      Where I worked more hours and wrote more sales copy than any sane person should ever have to write... working alongside grizzled veterans of the trade.

      In my time there... my copy helped sell around 3 million dollars worth of Forex training products and my ability to work from ANYWHERE in the world with my laptop had become a reality.

      That's the teeny-tiny short version of how I got to where I am now with huge amounts of stuff left out.

      Things like the multiple used-car parts businesses I set up... building our 'garage' in an old cow shed on the land of a local retired farmer.

      Or the thousands of hours spent driving an HGV all over the UK... working 12-15 hour shifts while filling my mind with marketing and personal development podcasts and audio courses until I could recite almost every word uttered by all of the amazing people I learned from.

      I could go on and on about my journey to get to this point but this isn't about me... it's about YOU...   

      So let me end this by saying...

      Today… I don’t just live and breathe marketing… I bleed it. 

      It’s embedded so deeply inside me… and the knowledge I have mastered and honed since building my first website in 2003 could work wonders in your life too.

      Like many people before me, my big break came when I finally realised that... 
The Real Secret To Converting Your 
Prospects Into Buyers... In Every Market... 
Comes Down To How You Communicate 
Your Message To Your Audience!
      When you combine a solid understanding of sales psychology with the emotional triggers that result in people jumping over themselves to do business with you and give you money...

      The results are incredible.

      Or said another way... 

      Discovering how to assemble sales copy that sells like crazy is the solution to any and all of your money worries.

      The problem is…

      Most marketers and business owners aren’t professional copywriters. 

      Even if you’re already a good writer who can construct a pretty good sales letter on your own…

      You’re bound to make a few mistakes that could have been easily avoided... and your copy won’t be nearly as good or effective as it could be.

And that's Tanya on a scuba diving trip at the Great Barrier Reef with a group of her high end travel clients.
Having Your Sales Letter Completely Bomb 
Feels Like Being Punched In The Gut By A 
Heavyweight Boxer!
      If you’ve ever attempted writing a sales letter on your own… you already know how daunting a task it can be.

      Getting started is the hardest part… 

      Staring at a blank screen with no real idea of where to begin your sales letter is where most people give up... 

      And they often decide to just bite the bullet and start looking for a copywriter to do it for them.
An Incredibly Risky Business!
      The problem is… 

      Paying $1,000.00 for a rookie copywriter with no track record is an incredibly risky business.

      You don’t want to throw your money away so some kid can get paid to practice their writing, unless you’re happy making zero sales...

      Don’t you agree?

      And to hire a real copywriter, one truly worth their salt, will set you back anywhere from $5,000.00 up to $25,000.00... and possibly even more.

      My most recent client… who sells high ticket information products and software… pays me 20% of his sales revenue. And as I write to you today, my sales letter just broke a quarter million dollars in sales for him.

He gave me permission to share the following screenshot of his Digital Access Pass sales report, from inside his Wordpress dashboard.

      You will likely notice we have tested multiple different price points and offers... one-off payments as well as monthly and bi-weekly memberships... and even 2-pay and 3-pay offers.

      But every sale you see below came from my sales letter...
(Snapshot of sales generated for one of my current clients - Product names blacked out for NDA reasons)
(Snapshot of sales generated for one of my current clients - Product names blacked out for NDA reasons)
      If you can get past the first hurdle... which is simply starting your sales letter... you then realize your tough uphill battle is just starting.

      You spend hours and hours agonizing over what to say...

      You wrestle with the order in which to say things…

      You doubt and question your ability to put together a sales message that compels your prospects to go ahead and buy…

      And you spend weeks of time, effort and stress doing your best to get the right words onto the page.
The Fear… Pressure... Stress…
And Then It Bombs!
      The longer it takes for you to create your sales letter, the more pressure you feel building up on top of you.

      You feel like the Greek god, Atlas, condemned to holding the weight of the world on your shoulders.

      You literally pour your heart and soul into creating your sales letter but as the time fast approaches to send traffic to your page…

      You feel fear... 

      That sickly feeling in your stomach not unlike the feelings that plague soldiers entering a war zone, or a boxer as he makes his long walk to the centre of the ring.

      And when you finally share your sales letter with your prospects...

      The sales letter you put so much blood, sweat and tears into creating... it completely bombs.

      Nobody ends up buying.

      Speaking from past experience, when your sales letter doesn’t convert… it feels like you’ve just been punched in the gut by a snarling monster of a man.
      It breaks you.

      All that time, effort and stress... for nothing!

      And to make matters worse...

      In the eyes of the people who really matter to you... you feel like a... 
Worthless Son Of A B*tch!
      I know... because I've felt like that... 

      On more than one occasion...

      And it SUCKS.

      You don't want to suffer the same humiliation... the self loathing.

      Try telling the folks you love that you're a complete failure... 

      It leaves a lasting imprint on your psyche... even after you finally experience success.

      But you don’t have to accept it.

      And now, that won’t be YOUR story.

      Because thanks to this breakthrough in high-converting sales letter creation, it’s now entirely possible to virtually...
Guarantee That Your Sales Letters 
Actually Make The Sale!
      Before we go any further, allow me to put any fears to rest.

      What you’re about to discover isn’t a new fad or gimmick that will be obsolete in a few months.

      And it’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme.

      To make this work, you’re not required to be an amazing writer and you don’t have to spend endless hours trying to implement it into your business.

      In fact, it’s something you can easily incorporate into your schedule.

      The secrets you are about to discover are the most effective ways I know for entrepreneurs to create their own compelling sales letters that result in sales.

      You could achieve this in just a day... if you’re motivated to take action.

      At the very least, within 3 days max, you could have a high converting sales letter working wonders for your bank balance.

      But there is one thing...

      When it comes to creating a sales letter that sells for your business…
There’s No Time To Waste!
      Whether you’re already struggling to generate sales with your current sales letter… or you simply want new sales copy that boosts your revenue… 

      It’s VITAL you start today.

      So please… make sure you read to the end of this short report... 

      So you can find out the entire process for creating a sales letter that sells like crazy… 
So Let Me Share The Secret 
With You Right Now!
      It all begins by going through an easy, step-by-step process of researching exactly what your target market REALLY desires… and finding the exact words that your prospects use to describe their problems.

      Before you do anything else, you must know your customer better than they know themselves.

      You probably already have a good understanding of your target market, but please don’t discount the importance of investing fully in this stage of the process…

      Because this most critical step will be the biggest deciding factor between your success or failure.

      Practically none of your competition are completing this critical step before writing their sales letters... 

      So incorporating this easy step into your sales letter creation process will help you fly past your competition as if they are standing still.

      You will get a questionnaire with 25 essential questions you need to ask yourself… that will reveal the precise information that will help your products and services sell themselves.

      Thinking about the answers to these strategic questions - and writing them down - will give you extra insight that you can use in your sales dialogues.

      This incredible resource is easily valued at $997.00 because without answering these specific questions, you will completely blow your chances of generating 6 or 7 figure paydays with your sales letters.

      In truth, this particular resource is priceless when it comes to the sales conversion process.
How To Legally Steal Your Competitors 
Research So You Can Go On To 
Steal Their Customers!
      The next step in the process of creating a sales letter that converts is to take a moment to spy on your competition.

      This is an extension of the critical research phase you need to complete before you start assembling your letter.

      Allow me to ask you a very important question...

      Do you think you’re the only person in your niche who has invested a lot of time and energy working out how to sell similar products to your target market?

      You can bet your bottom dollar that detailed market research has already been carried out in your niche by other professional marketers and copywriters.

      Of course, you can’t just steal the words from their sales materials. 

      However... there IS a quick and easy way to identify the emotional triggers and hot buttons that have been proven to whip your prospects into a buying frenzy.

      You will discover the two main resources I use to complete my research phase… and you should use them every time you set out to create a winning sales letter.

      And the best part of all… you can use these two resources for FREE. 
An Incredible Tool That Makes Persuasive,
 Compelling Sales Copy Flow Effortlessly Onto The Page!
      Undoubtedly, one of the most popular questions I hear people asking is... "How do I structure my sales letter?"

      They ask that question along with a whole host of other important ones, such as:
  •  When should I share testimonials?
  •  How do I hypnotize my prospects and whip them into a buying frenzy?
  •  What content should my sales letter include?
  •  How do I have my sales letters actually close the sale?
  •  What are the steps to assembling a persuasive sales letter?
  •  What do I have to focus on to maximize my effectiveness?
  •  Where did my old sales letter go wrong?
  •  How do I craft my message?
  •  How can I bolster my confidence when creating my sales copy?
  •  What’s the formula that results in people whipping out their credit cards to buy my stuff?
  •  How do I use proven psychological principles to demand attention and sell my stuff?
      All of those questions - and more - are answered and taken care of for you when you...
You are guided through filling in each of the 17 sections...
And once you are done, you hit a button and you have your sales letter ready to copy,  paste and style.
Use My Seventeen-Part 
Sales Letter Generation Tool!
      The easiest way to create your next sales letter is to copy what works… you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

      All of the hard “structure” work has been done for you and you will be guided through a seventeen-step sales letter creation sequence.

      This sequence is the formula for how to create effective sales copy that converts leads into buyers.

      Never again will you have to guess what you should be saying next…

      Because this easy-to-use tool is modelled after the exact persuasive structure that resulted in me generating sales of over a quarter of a million dollars for my latest client.

      You will be guided through exactly what goes in each section of your salesletter, with links to additional resources to help you fill in each section.

      The reason that this tool is so effective is because you no longer have to sit down and write out an entire sales letter from scratch.

      Instead, you are simply arranging the building blocks that, when combined together, result in your final sales letter being powerfully persuasive.

      This proven sales letter framework works for both B2C and B2B business activities in every niche, so don't get caught in the trap of saying... 
"But my business is different..."
      It doesn’t matter what you are selling or who you are selling to… if you follow this simple (yet powerful) sales letter structure exactly as instructed…

      The final result will be a sales letter that your readers will find utterly compelling.

      Every professional copywriter on the face of this planet uses some type of system to keep them on point when crafting a sales letter.

      This is because the aim of your sales letter is to create what I call the “sales dance” inside the mind of your prospects.

      There’s a good reason why you never start your sales copy by trying to sell your product…
  •  Because you need to warm up the prospect first…
  •  You need to agitate their problem…
  •  You need to present the reasons why your solution is exactly what they are looking for…
  •  You need to paint a picture of what your prospect’s life will look like in the future if they solve their problem, and how their life will remain the same if they don’t…
  •  You need to do all of this and more before you ever try to sell, if you expect your salesletter to generate a lot of money...
How To Write The Best Headlines That 
Will Do 80% Of The Selling For You!
      It’s no secret that your headline is the single most important aspect of your entire sales letter.

      Your headline is responsible for capturing the attention of your prospect so they are compelled to keep reading.

      If you get your headline wrong, you are royally screwed.

      Read what one of the world’s greatest ever copywriters said about headlines:

How important are headlines? I'm glad you asked. Some pundits say the headline accounts for 80% of the success of the ad… I have re-headlined ads and increased their pull by 475%... Headlines are where I spend more creative effort than any other aspect of my work… Good headlines are crucial.”

- Gary Halbert
      Any sales letter creation system worth using in your business wouldn’t be complete without you getting an easy way to generate powerful, attention grabbing headlines at will.

      That’s why I created a tool that allows you to…
Fill In The Blanks Of 100 Of The 
Greatest Headlines Ever Written!
      When you manage to completely nail your headline, it means that more people will stop and read the rest of your sales letter.

      However if you use a poor headline that doesn’t grab your prospect by the eyeballs…

      You have just slashed your chances of making the extra sales your business needs to thrive and grow.

      A great headline vs. a poor headline could be the single deciding factor between getting rich online or crashing and burning.

      And think about this…

      How secure would your business be today with the right headline helping you sweep up all the extra money that’s currently being left on the table?

      There is however, one important thing about headlines that you need to take into consideration… 

      Writing great headlines is tough.

      That’s why you will receive access to my personal, fill-in-the-blanks “100 greatest headlines” tool.

      This is another cloud-based service of mine that allows you to re-purpose 100 of the greatest headline formats ever written.

      Not only does it make it easy for you to come up with dozens of different headline ideas to test on your market…

      It triggers an endless supply of headline inspiration, allowing you to come up with uniquely powerful headlines that you would never have come up with on your own.

      This powerful tool is worth $800.00 out of every $1,000 you spend on advertising, if you believe what Gary Halbert says.

      And you’d be crazy to argue with the “Prince Of Print.”
Imagine What Sales Letter Domination 
Could Do For Your Business… And Life!
       I could go on and on about all the amazing features built into “Sales Letter Domination” - my new suite of sales letter creation tools...

      And the step-by-step implementation plan.

      These tools make it possible for non-copywriting experts to walk away with a high converting sales letter... in as little as one day.
100 Greatest Headlines Tool
Get endless headline inspiration by filling in the blanks of 100 of the best headline formats ever created with this easy to use tool.

      But there is something better you need to consider.


      What YOU can expect from Sales Letter Domination

      Because you’ll be amazed once you experience the life-changing results for yourself.

      Even if you’re grammatically challenged, this process will help your business tremendously… because it allows non professional writers to quickly produce winning sales copy.

      And although this system was created primarily to teach you how to create high converting sales letters, the information in this system can help you improve your…

      Blogging… article writing… email writing… website copy… ad copy and anything else that you need to write.

      The principles you will learn can be used to drastically improve your entire marketing funnel, from your squeeze page right through to your order page.

      And when you use these proven, timeless principles throughout your entire funnel, your conversions could increase immediately by 200-500%.

      This is made possible because you will know how to engage your prospects in a way that makes it far easier for them to trust that you can solve their most pressing problems.

       No matter what business you are in, marketing is the most important skill you need to master, and copywriting is the most important aspect of marketing that you MUST know how to do well.

These are just some of things that a high converting sales letter makes possible...
Nothing Here Is Theoretical!
      If you’re looking for the exact steps to take to get from where you are now, to banking thousands of extra dollars in sales every week… this is the only place to start.

      Sales Letter Domination is a straight-forward, to-the-point, no-nonsense approach to creating sales letters that sell…

      And when you have a high converting sales letter…

      It allows you to do anything you desire.

      You may not want to move 1500 miles to another country like I did, but this is just one of the unlimited life-changing possibilities that a masterful sales letter could deliver for you.

      You could quit your job… 

      Spend more time with your family… 

      Choose your own hours…

      Buy a bigger house or a more luxurious car…

      Become an inspiration to others…

      Pursue the leisure activities that make you feel alive…

      See more of this beautiful planet we share…

      De-stress and relax more...

      Go to music gigs or sporting events...

      Plan your dream wedding...

      Get that classic car you've wanted since you were a child...

      Experience the adrenaline rush from winter sports...

      Take up a new hobby, like photography or learning a new language...

      Travel the world, see new cultures and taste new food...

      Your possibilities are endless.

      Of course, I don’t know exactly what your personal dreams and aspirations look like… because we’re all different.

      But I do know that gaining the ability to create sales copy that influences people to buy... is the fastest and easiest way to make your dreams come true.
Your Ability To Generate Money At Will 
For The Rest Of Your Life!
      Here’s what happens next...

      Sales Letter Domination begins with an amazing 124 minute audio recording of a private mastermind call, conducted by the late, great copywriting master Mark Hendricks.

      The only people who got access to this call had to spend $1,497.00 to be able to attend.

      The reason this "lost" recording is being made available to you is…

      It’s incredibly important that you understand the anatomy of a sales letter that converts.

      It’s crucial that you get the finer points and understand the psychology of great sales letters. 

      And this session is one of the most powerful, life-changing lessons my old mentor ever gave.

      I’ve been given permission to share this incredible teaching with you… which is great for you… 

      Because this mastermind recording breaks down and analyzes a successful sales letter, piece-by-piece so you can learn the hidden-in-plain-sight psychological triggers that are embedded right before your very eyes.
One Of A Kind Sales Letter
Creation Experience!
      You get a copy of the sales letter he discusses... complete with   annotations pointing out all the hidden principles that combine powerfully into a highly persuasive message…  

      So you can follow along as Mark delivers this one-of-kind training experience.

      You can follow along as he opens your eyes and forever changes your understanding of the elements you need to include in your sales letters.

      You'll be able to see exactly how to use:
  •  Pre-headlines: used to set up the main headline, a chance to "set the stage" for what's about to come.
  •  Headlines: the most important part of your sales letter, always test one headline against another to see which pulls best.
  •  Subheads: used to build on the benefits the reader receives, and can also quickly summarize the offer, also used throughout the sales letter to draw attention to main benefits, or to re-spark attention and curiosity.
  •  Problem/Solution: a sales technique of discussing the problem the prospect has, how painful it is, discuss possible solutions, and then reveal your solution and why it's the best choice.
  •  Stories: people relate to stories and it helps you write in a way to appeal to the emotions of your reader.
  •  Testimonials: provides proof that what you say is true, and that other people have bought and are happy, and you are liked and trusted.
  •  Benefit Bullets: short and snappy 'mini-headlines' used throughout your sales letter to build desire for the benefits your product/service provides the reader.
  •  Transitions: used to get from one section to another, or from one thought to another to smooth out the flow.
  •  Offers: here's where you state exactly what they get, how much it costs, and any other details of the transaction.
  •  Bonuses: use bonuses to build extra value into your offer, the bonuses should be related to your main offer.
  •  Guarantees: this provides comfort to your reader that you stand behind your product, and that you the seller are taking the risk, rather than the buyer, always use the longest guarantee possible.
  •  Call To Action: tell your reader exactly how to order now, tell them to pick up the phone, send in the fax, click this button, and to do it now.
  •  P.S. Section: next to the headline, this is the second most closely read part of your sales letter, it's your chance to state your main benefits, offer, and guarantee to your reader.
  •  And More...

What will you do when you have a sales letter that sells like crazy?
Here’s What One Of The Attendees Said About This Incredible Private Session:

Wow! I've gotta say it - you really nailed down the structure on how to create winning sales letters!

You helped me create a clear and concise picture of copywriting as a skill... with identifiable techniques that with some diligence and maybe a helpful mentor, can be learned by anyone! Even Me!

Mark your call tonight demonstrating the procedure for carefully dissecting the structure of a salesletter... was so fantastic, it's still blowing me away! 

The step by step process you laid out of outlining each section in the letter - then pointing out the compelling reasons why I should emulate this brilliant strategy -- 

You beautifully created a kind of blueprinting system I would use for each sales letter I write...  

I must confess...It was over the top! Excellent!

Thanks... I sure feel like I hit the jackpot tonight!”

- Timothy
Boulder, CO
And Here’s What Another Attendee Wrote:

You made breaking down a winning sales letter very understandable.

It was wonderful how you explained the implications of certain phrases and how important it is to sell to the benefits, not the features.

You have a wonderful and friendly personality and are an awesome teacher.

I loved some of your phrases, "wealth while loafing" and "selling dollars for dimes". I hadn't heard that before.

I wondered, "What was in this for you?" Why are you so nice? Never mind. I don't care. I think you are a hidden diamond. I don't know how I found you in the first place, but I'm sure glad I did.”

- Shelley
Indianapolis, IN
Disclosure: The people who provide testimonials for this website are not paid for their comments. These comments are from their personal experience and not to be taken as what you will experience. There are a lot of different factors that combine to work together when selling online. We don't know who you are personally (yet) or what skills you already possess. Only you will be responsible for your results. Expected results for the majority of people trying to sell products online is zero. 
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      Heck, even I do it.

      It’s great for business.

      But the truth of the matter is… most of the money you spend on a professional copywriter simply pays for the time it takes for them to properly research your product and your target market… before they even start writing.

      Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying that a talented copywriter isn't worth their weight in gold and that our large fees aren't justified.

      What I AM saying is...

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Hi, I'm Michael N. and I've been working in the online space for over 20 years.

Last year, I wanted to launch a new product but was faced with the overwhelming amount of work needed for my latest website. The biggest job required was the copywriting. This task is literally the most important job in the development of the whole site. 

Until last year, I did it all myself but this time was different. I needed a real pro with the ability to turn the site into a huge success. In copywriting, words matter. A lot.

After all, the difference between well written copy and poorly written copy is valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or put more simply - the difference between a flop and a huge return on my investment for all the time, energy and money that had already gone into the creation of the product I am now selling.

In my experience with Alan Clark, I can accurately share with you, that Alan made my project a HUGE success. 

We're talking over a quarter million in sales. 

Since its initial launch months ago, the site is still pumping. So, not only was the launch a huge success, but since then, I've been able to turn this baby into an evergreen cash machine (equally as important). And honestly, I don't think I would have generated even a fraction of those returns without Alan.

Alan knows what he's doing. His copy does three massive things for your site; 

1. He builds incredible relationships with your exact target market and makes them engage with you, 

2. He builds excitement on proven copywriting formulas that are carefully designed to make you sales around the clock, and 

3. He creates both the copy and the funnel that could generate an income for you for years and years to come.

I hope you take this testimonial as advice that trusting Alan with your copywriting needs immediately gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace and will give you a much better chance of achieving the success you are seeking."

- Michael N
Sydney, Australia
Disclosure: The people who provide testimonials for this website were not paid for their comments. These comments are from their personal experience and not to be taken as what you will experience. There are a lot of different factors that combine to work together when selling online. We don't know who you are personally (yet) or what skills you already possess. Only you will be responsible for your results. Expected results for the majority of people trying to sell products online is zero. 
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Alan Clark
P.S. Just in case you are like me and you skip straight to the end… let me quickly summarise what this is about:

      You now have the opportunity to acquire the most important marketing skill you will ever possess… 

      The ability to create a sales letter that sells like crazy.

      This works no matter what you’re selling, be it an information product,   coaching, software, physical goods, professional services or anything else.

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If You Want A High Converting Sales Letter...
Copyright 2019 Clarkism.com - All Rights Reserved
Nothing contained on this page should be interpreted as a promise or implication of your future earnings. MOST PEOPLE SHOULD EXPECT TO MAKE ABSOLUTELY ZERO MONEY WITH ONLINE MARKETING. My results are definitely not typical because I put a mountain of effort into my products, support and my marketing. I take massive action and see projects through to the end and I have enjoyed the mentorship of many great people over the last 15 years. I don't know how hard you will work and I don't know what knowledge and experience you possess. PLUS... I’m kind of obsessed with copywriting, human psychology and marketing... and, even when I’m on holiday lying on a beach, I’m usually reading marketing books or listening to marketing podcasts. (Yes, it's sad... I know.) Unfortunately, the average person doesn't want to do the work required to become a truly successful business person. I know this because I used to be one of those people who was searching for the easy button that doesn't exist. Basically, you have to work HARD to be in with any chance of making a living online, despite what people tell you. Usually NOTHING works the first time you try it, and that can be especially true when it comes to marketing and copywriting. Ultimately, marketing is a game where the word failure does not exist. What a typical person might see as failure, to a successful marketer or copywriter it is just another data point with results that can be improved upon. I accept no responsibility for your future earnings and there is no such thing as an “easy button” that you can press to become successful. It takes perseverance, hard work, effort and all of those other things that cause people to switch off from their dreams and instead settle for binge-watching their favourite shows on Netflix every evening. (Altered Carbon is great show BTW, if that kind of thing floats your boat.) If making money online was easy, everyone would be doing it effortlessly. However I have yet to find a successful entrepreneur who wasn’t just a little bit batshit-crazy and obsessed with their craft. I invite you to become "a crazy" if you’re not yet one of us and invite you to pour your heart and soul into your online business. Copywriting is the single greatest skill you need to master if you want to make a sustainable income online and this course and tools could help to accelerate your progress, if you put in the effort. If you are seeking a magic pill to come and solve all your problems, please DO NOT PURCHASE. THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. If you are willing to put in the effort, I’ll do all I can to help you succeed... but there is no such thing as a guarantee of success. However, if you put in zero effort, it IS guaranteed that  you’ll never be successful. Think long and hard if you’re truly ready to do what it takes to be successful before investing...and, if you are ready, join me and I’ll help you as much as I can. 
Alan Clark.